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This was the year in which two students and one worker from the CIFOG school in Girona decided to embark on the adventure of creating a musical comedy and performing arts association called ON AIR.
In the first few years, we were not finished deciding for discipline and entering this world is not easy so we opened borders and accepted all kinds of jobs. And we did not get it wrong, because in April 2019 we were going to our own office in downtown Girona.

Opening office in Girona
Premiere of the play "El Crèdit"

Because of the COVID pandemic, we had to close doors and restructure all the work that was pending. As we do not know the future and we cannot remain unemployed, we decided to start again, with a new philosophy, an image, a new addition and a new name: 3 BUTAQUES. 
This is how the current project was born, where we dedicated ourselves exclusively to the performing arts and inaugurated it in September 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, climbing up the stage to premiere the adaptation of Jordi Galceran's play "El Crèdit".


Two years of experience, a new addition and a financial investment, allow us to reopen a office, this time in Lloret de Mar, and to focus on the integrated management of the show where it offers any service that may be needed for the coverage of any event.

Carles Munné

Alexandre Sanz

Albert Atienza

3 Butaques wants to be a quality mark in any kind of event and act. Whenever our logo appears, it must be known that we have worked with quality, constancy and good atmosphere in order to always achieve the best possible result with the best consumer relationship. 3 Butaques gives equal importance to own projects as to third-party projects, thus ensuring the seriousness and professionalism of all the events we participate in.

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2023. 3 Butaques, gestió integral de l’espectacle